Updates From Healthy Lifestyle Medicine

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Updates From Healthy Lifestyle Medicine

Telehealth Need To Know: -We’ll send an email with a link for you to join via audiovisual HIPAA compliant zoom (most cell phones and computers...

Telehealth Need To Know:

-We’ll send an email with a link for you to join via audiovisual HIPAA compliant zoom (most cell phones and computers now a days have technical capabilities-do not worry, we will walk you through if needed!)

-We will call first for check in and payment (same as if in clinic, as insurance companies should be covering like normal with us documenting the telehealth visit given COVID-19 precautions)

-Please be in a quiet room away from distractions

-Please have taken your blood pressure if you have a home cuff (no worries if not!) and have a current weight for us to document

-Please be respectful of appointment time limits–we are keeping on a tighter schedule given telehealth insurance coverage time limits. We will have a “5 minutes remaining” timer go off to  help us wrap things up in a timely manner

-Shorter telephone appointment phone calls and patient portal messages/medication refills can also be billed through insurance

-Thank you for your patience as we work through the newness and know that we are grateful to continue serving you!

Clinic Need To Know (possible future changes pending government regulations):

-We are limiting appointments in clinic to wellness appointments only and minimizing the number of people in the clinic at a time

-Please reschedule or plan on a telehealth appointment if you or anyone around you is sick (we will take this step if you arrive to clinic with symptoms)

-We do not offer COVID-19 testing at clinic, but can help direct you to clinics who do (though be respectful of strict testing criteria given current shortage of tests) 

-High risk patients (over 65 yoa, chronic lung disease, moderate-severe asthma, heart disease with complications, immunocompromised or taking immune suppressing medications like steroids or Humira, severe obesity (BMI>40) or with related medical conditions like poorly controlled diabetes) should have telehealth appointments-for your safety-we care about you!

-We may be wearing masks for extra-caution-precaution measures (yours and ours:)

-Please consider calling ahead to make payments over the phone or be open to reading your credit card number at our reception desk if a confidential space to minimize touch transfer (and be reassured we have increased clinic wipe-downs with sanitizing agents)

-Annual gynecology appointments: consider keeping the hands-off portion/counseling via telehealth and we can place orders (medications, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc) and schedule a quick pap smear/breast exam in the future


-Please order supplements online: links can be found at myhealthylifestylemedicine.com

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-FIT (KBMO Food Inflammation Test) and DUTCH (urine hormone test) can be drop shipped to you and completed and mailed back in via the prepaid UPS envelope. Please call the clinic for test ordering and payment.

-Please utilize the patient portal and we appreciate your patience with our response

-Clinic hours may be open to change (ie lunch break closures, weather), but please leave a message and we promise to call you back!

-We want your feedback-let us know how we can serve you better during this challenging time

-We absolutely respect and support any decision to reschedule or hold off on any appointment until COVID-19 has blown over

-We appreciate our wonderful community’s support! We’re thinking of you and with you during this extreme time. Take care of yourself and take care of each other. We’ll get through this together, one day at a time!

-Dr. Van Kirk