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Internal and external factors, big and small, can take a toll on your body’s proper functions. When you lack a sufficient balance of vitamins, you can struggle to feel your best or even get through the day.

Sometimes your body just needs a helping hand! Vitamin injections in Cheyenne at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine incorporate the nutrients you need directly into the bloodstream for next-to-instant physical and mental improvement.

Vitamin Injections in Cheyenne


What it Treats

While treatable conditions vary depending on the vitamin being injected, generally they address:

Brain “fog”
Nutrient deficiency
Toxin buildup

Procedure Time

Under 5 minutes


Female and Male
13 or older

Before your appointment for vitamin injections in Cheyenne, your provider will provide instructions at your consultation.

At this consultation, we’ll extensively review your health concerns and what you can expect from your injection. It is crucial to stick to these pre-session directions and notify us if something has changed. Our vitamin injections are intramuscular, so don’t forget to wear loose-fitting clothing that allows easy access to your upper arms.

To maximize the results from your vitamin injections in Cheyenne, we encourage you to:

  • Drink plenty of water on the day of your injection
  • Rest when your body is telling you to
  • Stick to a maintenance plan discussed with your provider

The Vitamin Injection Process

What to Expect?


Decide Which Injection You Want

We are currently offering: Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, MICC, Lipo +, Immune Boost, Vitamin D, Glutathione, L-Carnitine


Vitamin Injection Treatment

Once we've established which vitamin solution helps you move toward your goals, you'll get to sit back and relax for a few minutes. Feel free to stop by for your shot over your lunch break, as it only takes a few minutes!



The vitamins will disperse throughout the blood stream in the next 48-72 hours after your injection, and you'll notice improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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