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 We are a premier medspa in Cheyenne, helping health participants interested in holistic health: foundations like nutrition and sleep, stress management, cutting-edge science like peptides, muscle-building and fat-burning machines, and bioidentical hormone therapy. Health participants who believe they’re destined for more and go the distance to optimizing performance/mood/mind, empowered & driven to impact their health positively (and they DO the work once we share the tools with them). They love personal growth, nature, exercise, yoga, meditation/mindfulness, and mind-body-soul. They are willing to invest energy, time, and money in themselves and believe their health is one of their best investments.

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Patients Reviews

Kristy Van Kirk is the most amazing physician and friend. She and her staff helped me with my entire lifestyle transformation!!! Her guidance and expertise has given me the confidence and knowledge to become the healthy fit person I've transformed into!! Best environment in a medical office I've ever experienced! If you are looking for a change and need guidance go to see Dr. Van Kirk and her awesome staff. I promise you won't be disappointed. From 205 pounds to 126 pounds! Awesome and amazing!

My provider listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions. She also provided many options and a lot of data and information so I can make more informed decisions about my care.

I have felt like I was crazy all year for how I was feeling. Kelly and Trisha were very thorough with my health history and diagnosing a plan I agreed with to heal my gut and intestinal issues, and confirming that I wasn’t crazy! Haha I am so appreciative for all the information I was given at my appointment and I’m looking forward to a healthy future with a great team supporting me.

I so appreciate the time that was taken to listen to my concerns and talk about options for care. I am very pleased with my experience here!

She is amazing. She listens and understands. She took great care of me.

Very informative. Friendly and explained everything very well.

Feels good when Kelly listens to you when you are having issues.

Kelly is so caring and her visits are never rushed. She answers all my questions and presents different ways to approach my health issues. She’s the best❤️

Kelly took the time to listen to me and help me make a good decision for my health.

Kelly was helpful in my decisions on my health, Kelly is very caring and listened to all my concerns, I could not have asked for a better provider to help me through some difficult health issues!

Kelly was very easy to talk with and spent time getting to know me. She made it clear that my needs were important to her, and she was there to help.

It is always a positive experience here!

Great! This clinic is polite, caring and efficient. I don't even care if some of their services aren't covered by insurance. It's still worth it to me to go where service providers listen and take the time to figure out solutions for you.

Kelly is so knowledgeable in all things women’s health and is a wonderful provider!

Listened to entire health history and made helpful recommendations for next steps

Kelly and all the staff are amazing!

I feel like I might finally be resolving my GI issues after many years. Thank you to this amazing team. I only wish I had found them sooner.

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