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Regular lab work and diagnostic testing help catch and prevent diseases earlier and other health concerns. At Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, we can perform these vital tests in our office or bring our mobile service to you.

By partnering with Access Labs, we can give our patients easier draws and quicker results for everything from allergy testing to heart health. We can provide preventative and diagnostic testing in partnership with your annual exam to ensure we support your health in all possible ways.

With dedicated lab work in Cheyenne, we can provide next-day results to treat concerns sooner and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Lab Work


What it Tests

Hormone levels

Food sensitivity, IgG Testing

DUTCH Testing

Myriad Genetic Testing

Adrenal Testing


Procedure Time

15 to 30 minutes

The Lab Work Process

What to Expect?



Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions before coming in for your test. You may need to fast and avoid eating or drinking anything but water before your test. Tell your provider if you weren't able to follow the instructions.


Lab draws

When you come to Healthy Lifestyle Medicine for lab work in Cheyenne, you'll be shown to our comfortable lab room in our office. Our compassionate staff will work quickly and efficiently to take your sample.


Next Steps

With Access Labs, we can guarantee you diagnostic results within 48 hours. We’ll answer any questions about your report, explain any treatment that may be necessary, and assist you in scheduling any follow-up appointments you need at our Cheyenne office.

Frequently Asked Questions

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