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Mind, Body, Soul

Who is Healthy Lifestyle Medicine?

 We are medical professionals helping health participants, interested in holistic health: foundations like nutrition and sleep and stress management, and cutting edge science like peptides, muscle building and fat burning machines and bioidentical hormone therapy. Health participants who believe that they’re destined for more and go the distance to optimizing performance/mood/mind, empowered & driven to make a positive impact on their health (and they DO the work once we share the tools with them). They love personal growth, nature, exercise, yoga, meditation/mindfulness, mind-body-spirit. They are willing to invest energy, time and money in themselves, and believe their health is one of their best investments.

Our Facility

Our office is 1 block west of Powderhouse Road off of Storey Blvd. Our parking lot wraps around the building and our front door is located on the east side of the building. We are on the lower level so do not go up the elevator.

Our Location 

What We Value?

Intentional Positive Vibes (We are responsible for the energy we bring to the world, we choose positive vibes. No drama, no toxic energy.)

Inspire, Respect, Celebrate (We show up with integrity to inspire, respect, and celebrate others everyday)

Shine Bright (We live with a deliberate, collaborative, thoughtful mindset, trusting that the ripple effect raises others up)

Always Above and Beyond (We strive to exceed the status quo by delivering professional world class experiences)

Give Generously (We give to the community; you get what you give, so give generously)

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