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Your gut health is the foundation of your overall well-being. A “healthy gut” has the right balance of bacteria to help you break down food into nutrients and move waste efficiently out of the body.

When your gut isn’t doing well, you feel it. While it’s normal to have occasional diarrhea and bloating, chronic gastrointestinal issues signal that your gut microbiome is out of sorts.

At Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, we use science-backed methods for restoring your digestive health in Cheyenne, with excellent results in all age groups. We first use BiomeFX to test your microbiome and then use Total Gut Restoration to restore and CellCore products to help your body further detoxify your system.

Gut Health in Cheyenne


What it Treats

Frequent discomfort
Chronic fatigue


Female or Male
18 or older


It takes time to restore digestive health. In Cheyenne at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, we can have you feeling back to normal in just 3 to 4 months using Total Gut Restoration therapy. However, many patients report feeling better sooner.

Gut Health Process

What to Expect?



When you come to Healthy Lifestyle Medicine because you're concerned about your gut health in Cheyenne, our providers will ensure you are an ideal candidate. They'll ask about your symptoms and health history and provide you with the BiomeFx test to complete at home.


Testing and Treatment

After completing your BiomeFx test, it will take a few weeks to receive the results. Your report will tell us about the balance of bacteria in your gut and how we can best restore it. Based on your results, we'll prescribe you a customized gut-healthy therapy program. We can use a combination of Total Gut Restoration and Cellcore supplements to rehabilitate your microbiome and heal your body's natural detoxifying systems.


Next Steps

We’ll answer any questions about the treatment, give you instructions on the best ways to maintain results, and assist you in scheduling any follow-up appointments you need. When you leave our Cheyenne office, you can return to daily activities and be sure to follow the instructions included with your gut therapy plan.

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