Alex Bruton


Certified Medical Assistant (AMMA)

(307) 459-8001


I started with Dr. Van Kirk over at Cheyenne Women’s Clinic in 2014. First as a receptionist then I transitioned to being her medical assistant. In the summer of 2018 she mentioned she wanted to make a big life change and start her own practice. She asked if I wanted to take the leap of faith and join her. I couldn’t have been more scared and excited to do this. Neither of us know how to run a business or even where to start but we got it up and running by January 2019. I am blessed to be part of this team and help as many people as we can without the traditional medicine model. 

I have a teenage son, who supports both myself & HLM to the fullest extent. We love to travel and our favorite place to go is Oregon to watch the University of Oregon play football. 

My favorite treatment at HLM is the EmSella chair. It changed my life drastically. When you are young and have stress incontinence, it is horribly embarrassing. I could not sneeze without having a leaking problem. After 6 treatments on the EmSella chair, I can sneeze, laugh, jump, and run without any issues.