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Vitamin injections introduce vital electrolytes like vitamin B directly into your bloodstream for a range of neurological, cardiovascular, and digestive health benefits. Kristine Van Kirk, MD, and Kelly Gebauer, WHNP-BC, of Healthy Lifestyle Medicine in Cheyenne, Wyoming, offer vitamin B12 injections and other vitamin shots to treat deficiencies. Schedule your appointment over the phone or online for vitamin injections at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine today. 

Vitamin Injections Q & A

What are vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections are a treatment for vitamin deficiencies, which can cause an array of symptoms as well as general feelings of unwellness. While you might not think much about what vitamins do for you, it’s important to include vitamin-rich foods in your diet to help your body function efficiently. 

While there are plenty of vitamin-rich foods, you can still have a deficiency if you have dietary restrictions or if you have a condition that affects how well your body absorbs vitamins. The symptoms can be ambiguous, but the team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine can help you figure out whether a vitamin deficiency is at the root. 

Vitamin B12, a vitamin commonly included in vitamin injections, helps with your metabolism and improves the function of your nerves and blood cells. The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine might recommend vitamin B12 injections on their own or as part of a customized weight loss plan. 

What are the benefits of vitamin injections?

Vitamin injections offer a wide array of wellness benefits, especially if you get them regularly. Compared with oral consumption, injections allow your body to absorb more of the vitamin content because it goes directly into your bloodstream. 

Some benefits you might get from vitamin injections are:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased metabolism
  • Better mood
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Improved fertility
  • Better digestion

Vitamin injections can also improve symptoms like headaches, numbness and tingling, pale skin, and heart palpitations. The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine can customize your vitamin injections to be sure you get the nutrients you need. 

How often should I get vitamin injections?

The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine creates a personalized plan for you, including dictating how often you should get vitamin injections to experience the most benefit. A typical treatment plan with vitamin injections includes injections every 10 days or so at first, then later you can switch to around once a month. 

Most people notice some positive effects of their vitamin injections around 2-3 days after the injections, and long-term benefits come with continued care. 

To explore the many advantages of vitamin injections, call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine to schedule an appointment, or book online today.