CellCore Foundational Protocol


Are you dealing with fatigue, weight gain, hormone imbalances, constipation, or any other inflammation symptoms?

At Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, we take pride in the supplements we recommend to our clients. We have done the research and most of the staff even taken many  of the supplements we recommend to clients everyday. See Doctor.Kristy instagram from 8/9/23 post!

The CellCore Foundational Kit is a wonderful product line that gets you started down the right healthy lifestyle path. It is a 4 month system designed to open your drainage systems, get rid of parasites, and detox your body of pathogens and toxins.

Step 1 delivers key nutrients for optimizing mitochondrial health and establishing healthy drainage pathways — both of which are essential before promoting periods of detoxification. This also helps make the detox process smoother and encourages sustained energy as you move through the protocol.

After optimizing ATP production and healthy drainage pathways in Step 1, Step 2 focuses on promoting the body’s natural detoxification processes and nurturing the gut microbiome. Step 2 consists of BC-ATP, BioToxin Binder, Para 1, and Para 2. Para 1, the flagship gut and immune support supplement (made from 100% pure Mimosa pudica seed), encourages the removal of occasional intestinal buildup. Our staff always likes to mention the passing of parasites during month 2, it is normal and should happen. Some report being overly fatigued while their body is ridding itself of the parasites, this fatigue will pass so don’t give up. 

Step 3 builds momentum for deeper, whole body cleansing. It consists of Advanced TUDCA, CT-Minerals, Para 1, Para 3, and ViRadChem Binder to continue to promote healthy drainage pathways, encourage the removal of occasional intestinal buildup, and support liver health and bile flow.

Step 4 picks up where Step 3 left off to continue promoting systemic detoxification and healthy drainage pathways with BC-ATP, HM-ET Binder, LymphActiv, and Para 4. BC-ATP optimizes energy production and mitochondrial health, while the other three products are introduced to the protocol for deeper whole body detox. 

We highly recommend everyone start their healthy lifestyle journey by completing a CellCore Foundational protocol. Doctor Kristy repeats this detox yearly; it’s a balance of two steps forward, one step back, living in the modern world full of toxic exposures. 

You can head over to our CellCore virtual dispensary to order your Foundational protocol today (instructions below):

  1. Go to https://cellcore.com/
  2. Click on “Register Now”
  3. Towards the middle of the page there are two options. You will want to chose “Patient Registration—>” 
  4. You will use direct code: qCVXLNFP
  5. After you complete your registration, you are ready to purchase! 

Cheers to health, wellness, and detox!