Your Healthiest Self

Greetings! I’m so excited (and tired after my 3am arrival to Cheyenne with the lovely spring forward time change:) to bring back all that I learned at the A4M hormone conference in Houston! I spent Thursday through Saturday learning from leading experts in hormones and wellness and integrative/ functional medicine. I’m learning so much about intricacies of hormones-including insulin resistance (think diabetes and pre-diabetes), adrenal issues (think stress!), thyroid, and inflammation. Key is how these all tie together and are PREVENTIBLE, and possibly REVERSIBLE if caught early, no matter what DNA you’re born with. You have a choice: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress reduction are up to you!
I’m learning about the importance of getting your “hormone symphony” conducting well, the importance of your gut microbiome, and liver detoxification (most women are estrogen dominant and this leads to many of our daily complaints: depression, anxiety, weight gain, headaches, poor sleep, heavy periods, fatigue, fibroids, bloating and increased risk of auto-immune diseases and cancers).
Healthy lifestyle medicine offers great products to arm you with information and tools to be your healthiest self, which could include lab testing, nutrition guidance, supplement and herbal recommendations (science based), hormone replacement therapy, and our endless support to cheer you on towards your goals! Some of the great products we offer are: 
  • DUTCH hormone testing
  • FIT (food inflammation test) 
  • Pellecome bioidentical hormone pellet system
  • Top-line Nutraceuticals (like Designs for Health)
  • Microbiome probiotics, prebiotics, and more
  • Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), which I’ll highlight here:
Prolon FMD is a great way to get Spring Break body ready and gain other important and longer lasting health benefits! A 5-day meal plan-easy to follow, convenient, and great tasting (one box of food per day). Helps control body fat, body weight, lean body mass, and blood pressure. Helps with healthy levels of cholesterol, glucose, C-reactive protein (decreased inflammation!), triglycerides, stem cells (increased=cellular regeneration and rejuvenation), metabolic health, and longevity. Two decades of NIH/NIA-sponsored research and clinical trials. People notice decreased body fat (visceral and abdominal fat!) and weight, improved energy levels, and healthier looking skin. Gain a positive impact on lifestyle with a feeling of empowerment to make healthier choices, eat less, and decrease sugar cravings. Plant based, gluten and dairy free. Important tips: hydrate well, avoid strenuous exercise of more than 15 minutes-your body’s “exercise” is “fasting.” Purchase at our clinic or through our on-line store and please call with questions.
I am so grateful to Cheyenne, patients, friends, family, and the HLM team for your continued enthusiasm and support! Let’s be our healthiest selves. Let’s all own our own stories, own our health, own our goals, and own where we’re going on our journey to be the best version of ourselves!
In health, wellness, and gratitude,
-Dr. Van Kirk