Patients Reviews

Annual exams are uncomfortable, but this was a good visit

Marlo W.
I felt she listened to my concerns and patiently answered my questions.

Eileen G.
Stress free. Kelly is so kind, listens and and is very honest with questions you may have.

Marie G.
Excellent! Kelly took the time to listen, spent time getting to know the situation, reviewing background and previous records.

Debora S.
Kelly never makes me feel like she's rushing through my appointment. She answers all my my questions and no matter how many I ask she is patient and makes sure I understand what is going on. I definitely recommend her for your health care.

Danielle G.
Amazing, and I am hard to impress. Took the time to talk to me and listened. This has been a long journey for me and I finally feel like I will get some answers. Thank you for caring and I am glad I came here!! Julie

Julie W.
Kelly was very thorough, spent lots of time listening, and did not dismiss my symptoms. In fact, she seemed just as concerned about me as I felt! I love the functional medicine aspect she offers and also that her appointments are covered under insurance. She helped me feel seen, heard, and like there was hope for answers and feeling healthy again! She took action on my behalf when two other doctors didn't, and turns out, my symptoms are not all in my imagination!

Tracy M.
Kelly was very thorough and answered all of my questions.

Haley B.