Anna Shaw


(307) 453-4419


Favorite drink? Coffee!

Favorite hobby? Anything outdoors, especially camping. I also love to paint and create new things!

Pets? I have two kitties Callie and Millie that I love so much.

10 life goal? My 10 year goal is to go do the schooling I have always wanted to do and hopefully create a future career with it.

Favorite healthy lifestyle technique?  All of our body sculpting machines and gut heath products we use are life changing.

Favorite artist/music genre?  I love all music genres but my favorites would be country and house music!

Favorite thing about HLM?  The way we help our health participants become the healthiest version of themselves and watch them leave happy and confident every time!

Fun fact:  I grew up in Colorado Springs.

Favorite saying:  Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself.