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Poor nutrition or nutrient deficiencies could be affecting your energy, cognition, and general well-being. With nutrition services from Kristine Van Kirk, MD, and Kelly Gebauer, WHNP-BC, at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine in Cheyenne, Wyoming, you can find out which nutrients you’re lacking and how to include them in your diet. You can also improve your nutrition with supplements or vitamin injections. Call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine or book an appointment online today to schedule a consultation for nutrition services. 

Nutrition Q & A

What is nutrition?

Nutrition refers to the study of all of the nutrients in the foods you eat and how they serve your body. Macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are well-known staples in a nutritious diet, but fewer people realize the importance of micronutrients. These include vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that enhance cellular functioning. 

At Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, the team teaches you about nutrition and integrating it into your diet planning. You can get this service to improve your own well-being, manage a chronic disease, treat a nutrient deficiency, or help with weight loss.

While you can get most of the nutrients you need directly from your diet, you may also need to take nutritional supplements or get vitamin injections to treat a deficiency. Deficiencies can arise because of underlying diseases or because of dietary restrictions. 

How can I figure out my body’s nutritional needs?

The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine can help you find out where you stand in terms of nutrition. With various lab tests, they can identify allergies and possible deficiencies. These tests can give your providers the information they need to advise you on nutrition or build a healthier diet:

  • Cholesterol tests
  • Fasting glucose level
  • Vitamin levels
  • Food allergy tests
  • Food inflammation testing (FIT)

Additionally, the team begins by getting to know you and your health history and performing a basic examination. The information they gather from your medical history, exam, and tests provides insight on what your body needs most that it isn’t getting. 

What are the benefits of a nutritious diet?

A well-rounded nutritious diet can target and improve many health conditions as well as your general overall wellness. In fact, making sure you get the proper nutrition can help extend your lifespan. 

A few notable benefits of following a nutritious diet (and taking any supplements you need) are:

  • Faster metabolism
  • More energy
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Better neurological function
  • Less chronic pain
  • Better digestion
  • Less inflammation

The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine can help you work around any food allergies you have or diet restrictions that make it difficult to include all of the necessary nutrients. 

To schedule your consultation for nutrition services, call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, or book an appointment online today.