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Body Sculpting services offered in Cheyenne, WY

If you’re stuck with stubborn areas of fat or your muscles need some toning, body sculpting could be the answer. Kristine Van Kirk, MD, and Kelly Gebauer, WHNP-BC, of Healthy Lifestyle Medicine in Cheyenne, Wyoming, use cutting-edge Emsculpt Neo® body sculpting technology to reduce fat and promote muscle development. Emsculpt Neo is entirely noninvasive and requires no downtime. To find out how this form of body sculpting could give you a toned figure, call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, or book an appointment online today.


Body Sculpting Q & A

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a noninvasive procedure suitable for both women and men who crave a more refined figure. As you get older, your body inevitably starts to slow down and deteriorate bit by bit. Even if you work out regularly and eat healthily, areas of fat can increase, and muscle mass and strength decrease.

The Healthy Lifestyle Medicine team uses Emsculpt Neo for its body sculpting treatments. This state-of-the-art technology reduces areas of stubborn fat and creates new muscle tissue in one 30-minute session. Most body sculpting devices only address the excess fat, but Emsculpt Neo also builds muscle.

Clinical research shows an average 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and an average 25% growth in muscle mass following Emsculpt Neo treatment. The most common body areas to get sculpting treatment are the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and arms.

How does Emsculpt Neo body sculpting work?

Emsculpt Neo body sculpting uses two forms of energy to target specific areas of your body:

Radiofrequency energy

Radiofrequency energy heats the subcutaneous fat cells just under your skin. The cells get hot enough to break down without damaging the other tissues. Your body then eliminates the fat cells, which can’t grow back.

High-intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®)

HIFEM makes your muscles contract intensely — more than you could manage in a workout. These contractions increase the number and size of your muscle cells and fibers.

Emsculpt Neo is most suitable for eliminating fat and building muscle in men and women whose body mass index (BMI) is 35 or lower. Body sculpting also helps tone your muscles and build your strength if you don’t have a lot of extra fat, making it easier for you to be physically active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

What does Emsculpt Neo body sculpting feel like?

When you visit Healthy Lifestyle Medicine for Emsculpt Neo body sculpting, all you need to do is lie back on a comfortable treatment table. There’s no surgery, needles, or anesthesia required for body sculpting.

Your provider puts the Emsculpt Neo applicators on your body at the treatment site. When the treatment begins, you might feel intense contractions in your muscles and a warming sensation that’s rather like a relaxing hot stone massage. When your treatment is over, you can get on with the rest of your day.

Optimal results from body sculpting treatment usually require four 30-minute sessions at 5-10 day intervals.

Call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine today or book an appointment online to see how body sculpting could change your figure.

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