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Mom & Me – Emsella Testimonial

Hey HLM family,
I wanted to share my personal story since starting my EmSella chair treatments.
We will start at the beginning, I was 20 years old when I had my son. I developed hyperemesis (excessive vomiting, I was throwing up about 7-8 times per day) at 8 weeks pregnant and it lasted until I was around 7 months pregnant. As I gained weight and my son grew, I started having trouble holding my bladder. I remember on my 20th birthday, my family took me to lunch and on the way home, not only did I throw up, but we had to stop the vehicle so I could get out because I had lost all bladder control and had urine dripping down my legs. I was horrified! 
After he was born it got a little better so I would only leak when I laughed, sneezed, coughed, or jumped. My son and family knew that if I sneezed, I needed to change my pants so if we were in public it was time to go. Being a young mom or human in general it was so embarrassing. I tried pelvic floor physical therapy that was very intimate and required me to undress and take time off work three times a week. It helped but I still leaked and had trouble with bladder control. I invested in weighted kegel balls because I figured I could do it at home. I never remembered to do it so they were a waste. 
So when Dr. Van Kirk mentioned getting the EmSella chair to help with pelvic floor muscles, I was skeptical because I felt like I tried everything short of surgery, and nothing had helped. After four treatments on the EmSella, where I can stay fully dressed and only takes 28min per session, I wasn’t leaking nearly as much. I wasn’t waking up at night to go to the bathroom. I wasn’t making my family stop every block to find a bathroom for me. I haven’t had success like this before with any other treatment method I’ve tried, and I am so thrilled we have this machine in our clinic! 
I don’t want my son to remember his mom always having to change her pants or leave the store because she sneezed or laughed too hard. I want to go to the trampoline parks with him and my nieces and not have to worry about losing bladder control! This treatment has changed my life in two weeks and I haven’t even completed my full series yet!! Everyone can expect different results but if I can get improvement then let’s see what kind of improvement we can get you!! 
If this sounds like something you or someone you know could benefit from, give us a call to set up a consultation (free of charge)! Our office number is 307-634-9919
Alex Rose
Patient Care Coordinator