October Specials


October 1-31, 2023


All Day


  1. 10% off Designs for Health Products on our online dispensary (use code: October2023)

    1. Go to https://www.designsforhealth.com/u/kristinevankirk
    2. In the upper right corner click on “Shop Online” 
    3. In the upper right corner now click “Register” 
    4. Towards the bottom of the page there are two options. You will want to chose “Patient Registration—>” 
    5. Enter all of your personal information in the form 
    6. Then click “Continue” 
    7. This will take you to your account home page. You may enter your billing and shipping  information here so you do not have to input it for every order.  
    8. You can free type into the search bar in the upper right corner for any products on the  website.
  2. BOGO EmSella Chair