About Healthy Lifestyle Medicine

Healthy Lifestyle Medicine is ideal for individuals interested in preventative healthcare who want to actively participate in improving and maintaining their well-being to be their healthiest. Unlike medical providers that only use conventional medicine to address symptoms, we offer an individualized, integrative approach to healthcare using a combination of therapies. We treat the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

We are passionate about health and wellness. Through our integrative approach, our goal is to help you stay well (or get that way first) by addressing the unique physical, emotional, social, environmental, and lifestyle influences that affect your health. We will take care of both your current and long-term needs using conventional medicine alongside complementary therapies to help you be your healthiest.

Dr. Van Kirk looks at medicine from a different perspective using a different approach than many traditional providers. If you’re not feeling well, our goal is to work with you to get to the root of your problem, not just write a “band-aid” prescription for your symptoms. (Although sometimes a prescription can help get you started in the right direction.) She will listen to you what you are telling her about how you feel so, as a team, you both can develop the best approach to help you feel better. You may need to work on eating healthier, on exercising more, or on managing your stress and sleeping better. We’ll offer you motivation and encouragement to get on a path for healing with plenty of support along the way.

If you are feeling fine, we can help you stay that way – and perhaps become even better. Dr. Van Kirk can help you explore proactive ways to stay on top of your health – fasting-mimicking diets, and yoga, are all tactics we have tried ourselves and loved the results.

meet our team

Kristy (Barr) Van Kirk, MD

Kelly Gebauer, Nurse Practitioner

Alex Stults, Medical Assistant

Taylor Hubbard, Medical Assistant

Rachel Bridges, Receptionist 

Abigail Rose, Receptionist